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Mich Term 2001

1st men's IV

Bedford Autumn Fours Head (Senior3 IV+), Men's S3 Crew

1. Side view between fo...
2. Side view between fo...

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Bedford Autumn Fours Head (Senior4 IV+), Men's S4 Crew A

1. From above at the fi...

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Bedford Autumn Fours Head (Novice IV+), Men's NV Crew

1. From the butterfly b...
2. Warming up
3. Setting out

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Bedford Autumn Fours Head (Senior4 IV+), Men's S4 Crew B

1. Small side view betw...
2. Larger side view bet...

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Cambridge Autumn Head

4th college coxed IV
Time: 11:25
The Light IV's unfortunate incident could have been the reason that the Men's 1st 4+ managed to get a better time than the 4- by 5 seconds. I bank partied them and thought they were looking good. They held it well at the end and, although they were overtaken near Grassy by a Christs crew they managed to regain their place and by the end Christs were left trailing in their wake by at least 4 lengths if not more. (Anna)
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University IVs (1st division)

1st round
Lost to Christ's (3s)
The 1st coxed IV had lost by 39 seconds over the weekend, and had to pull a blinder out of the hat to do something. The race plan appeared simple - pull hard, and keep doing lifts until the finish line, or you pass out, whichever was sooner. Fortunately for the rowers' healths, the finish line was first, but the margin was a loss by 3 seconds - a hugely impressive result. [by the webmaster]
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Head of the River IVs (Senior3 IV+), wat for jpd

22nd of 79 S3 coxed IVs, 73rd of 165 men's coxed IVs, 257th overall
Time: 21:23
Entering with a scratch crew at short notice due to Jonathon unfortuantely being very ill, the guys were reasonably pleased with their row and placed well in the S3 coxed IV category. They beat Trinity Hall, Churchill, Peterhouse and Pembroke, but were beaten by two Emmanuel crews, Christ's and Downing.

Just out of interest, as is included below, they were 2m54s slower than the coxed IV containing Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell. [by the webmaster]

1. Hold on, Will
2. Moving away from Ham...
3. Approaching the catch

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs, 1st men's Fairbairn IV

Joint 1st of the credible IVs results
Time: 11:12
Racing immediately after having raced in the VIII, this was quite a superb performance. At present it is unclear as to how Magdalene did; their time is quite infeasible. [by the webmaster]

1. Near the start
2. From Emma footbridge

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