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Lent Term 2001

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head

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Head of the Nene

26th of 38 women's VIIIs, 3rd of the 6 college women's 1st VIIIs
Time: 26:04
behind Caius and Downing whilst beating Newhall, Pembroke and Sidney. A pleasing and gutsy performance [by the webmaster]

1. The long straight bit
2. A bit further down t...
3. Some kids and a man ...

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Pembroke Regatta (1st division)

1st round
Won against Girton (1 1/4 lengths)
Girton beat us by almost a minute in the Head-2-Head, and so probably thought they would have an easy race. However, the row was powerful and determined - with a real feeling of 'we will not be beaten' in the crew. It showed we have really come on this term. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Lost to Emmanuel (1 1/2 lengths)
This was a respectable result against a good crew. They were simply faster off the start, but then failed to increase the distance over the course as we pushed it right to the end. (Rosie)

1. Approaching the star...
2. Manoevering at the s...

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Lent Bumps

Rowed over
After a term of fire and flood the Ladies 1st VIII were prepared for battle today, albeit minus our college chaplain Ruth who is unfortunately too ill to row (many thanks to Cass Chideock for subbing at bow). Despite some pre-race nerves (50% of the crew have never rowed in the bumps before) the row down was focused. Our start was good, though not as fast as the neat Catz crew behind who gained on us. However we pushed away from them into Clare, unhindered by 7 catching a crab under the motorway bridge. Clare bumped out leaving us clear water to continue our fight with Catz, themselves pursued by Girton who bumped them in the gut. Thus alone, aside from a sizeable bank party, we proceeded to the railway bridge. The row was powerful and determined, yet again the crew made it clear that we will not be beaten. We look forward to an exciting race tommorow. (Rosie)
Technical row over
As expected a very exciting day for the 1st Ladies! Coming under the motorway bridge we closed up on Churchill, and by first post had 6 to 8 foot of overlap. Unfortunately the fast Girton crew behind also had overlap on us. The Churchill cox took evasive action, going very wide round the corner, and refused to acknowledge. Meanwhile Girton made a final push for us and Will had no choice but to raise his hand. An immediate re-row was decided upon, so First and Third birds achieved their aim of rowing in M1 (well at least down to the start). Various delays followed during which the crew became increasingly wound up - not aided by some rather unsporting behaviour from Girton and Churchill - and also cold as it had started to snow. We were not as tense as Girton though, as one of their crew suffered a panic attack and the re-row was cancelled (if anyone fron Girton reads this we hope your 2(?) girl is OK now). We are now waiting to hear what the outcome will this space. (Rosie)

1. First post reach and...
2. From the motorway br...
3. Rowing upstream befo...

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