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Lent Term 2001

6th men's VIII

Pembroke Regatta (Lower division)

1st round
Lost (3 lengths) against Caius III
In a dramatic race, a 1 length deficit was converted to a 1 length lead courtesy of some excellent rowing and the opposition stopping for a bit. In the final third of the race, however, Caius superior power eased them ahead to a relatively comfortable win [by the webmaster]
Our sixth boat could hardly have asked for a tougher first round draw, but battled admirably against Caius III. Caius pulled away to a lead of about two lengths as we approached the railway bridge but then one of their crew caught a crab and FaT VI sailed past to take a lead of about a length. A really big effort at this stage meant that there was little to choose between the crews with 200m to go, at which stage Caius's superior strength and fitness saw them pull away to win by about three lengths. A valiant row from probably the best sixth boat in the world. (Flying)
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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race, GOR crew

Joint fastest of the 17 non-qualifiers
Time: 8:41
Beat 2 second VIIIs, 6 third VIIIs and and 7 fourth VIIIs! [by the webmaster]

1. Rounding Grassy

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