The Club's Results

May Bumps 1999

8th men's VIII

Coxed by: J. D. Fialko

Bumped by Girton IV
After an excellent start we had closed to within 1/2 a length of Templeton's Boat. Coming into Grassy we lost a bit of ground. However, this was not to matter because as we reached the apex of the corner at Grassy we slewed into a barge coming in the opposite direction. Consequently Girton caught us up and were awarded a technical bump despite not making any ground on us at all. We are hungry for revenge. (J.D. Fialko)
Rowed over
After a steady start we settled into a slightly uneasy rhythm going round First Post and into the Gut. Girton probably managed to get within a length of us within Plough Reach and gained a slight extra advantage after we were forced to take a wide line round Ditton. However the crew put in an excellent push off Ditton and we slowly pulled away from Girton as we progressed down the reach to complete a very gutsy row over. (J.D. Fialko)

1. On first post corner
2. On first post corner
3. In first post reach

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