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Lent Term 1998

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division), newland for swartz

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Robinson Head (1st division)

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Head of the Nene (Novice VIIIs)

Winners of Novice VIIIs; 10th overall
Time: 16:48
Very windy (headwind), but fortunately not gusty, so we held together a good solid row at 31/32 for the first 2000m, at which point we had caught LMBC, 4 lengths ahead. We rowed the rest of the race side by side, pushing off each other. They will not be able to bump us. (Matt)
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Pembroke Regatta (1st division)

Semi finals
Beat Trinity Hall
We didn't go above 90% power, and easied across the line just to wind them up. (Matt)
Beat LMBC (2/3 length)
LMBC were good, but we rowed through them on the Railway Bridge corner and held them round the last bend to win by 2/3 length. Best row we've had yet! (Matt)
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Bedford Head (College VIIIs)

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Lent Bumps

Bumped Downing
Good start, dropped all, 43 on wind, 37 in Gut, 36 on Plough Reach, 37 out of Ditton (on one length). They blew up/fell apart in the reach and ran to the outside of the corner. We got clean water and pwered alongside. Their 7 man hit our bows with his blade. BUMPED!!

Incredible, HEAD OF THE RIVER, and around 40-50 people on the bank, cheering! (Matt)
Rowed over Head
We rowed over 3 lengths clear, rating around 32 once we were in the reach. (Matt)
Rowed over Head
Maggie got Downing at the Railway Bridge, we were all too busy watching and rowed like spanners in an enormous headwind. Around 10 lengths clear of Caius. (Matt)
Rowed over Head
Rowed over at 36 to Ditton, 34 down the reach and 36-38 home, 6 lengths clear of Maggie. Despite the snow before the start, the weather was perfect and the rowing spectacular. (Matt)

1. Pushing out for vict...
2. Headship crew return...
3. Raf with the flag

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Head of the River Race (Novice VIIIs)

Winner of Novice VIIIs; 89th overall
Time: 19:40.7
Adrian Cassidy had been coaching a 'development' crew full of binned trialists and college oarsmen, who were rowing as Goldie. They started immediately behind us and that was pretty good incentive to row hard.

We pulled away at the start, they came back a little and were 1 1/2 seconds down at Barnes Bridge. They then crashed into a boat we had just overtaken. (Matt)
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