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Mich Term 1997

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Senior VIIIs)

Joint winners with Fitzwilliam; 5th overall
Time: 9:13
To be honest, we thought we'd win it easily, so I rate capped the race to 32. Basically we didn't go for it and almost lost. (Matt)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

1st overall
Time: 14:15
Wound to 41, settled to 35! - very comfortable. The race went absolutely according to race plan. We dropped to 33 a couple of times but lifted back every time. Going round Ditton Raf said 10mins and 13 going round 1st Post (14 in the practice course!). I knew it was going to be quick. Raf clocked us at 14:15. (Matt)
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