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Lent Bumps 1997

7th men's VIII

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Bumped by CCAT III
Spirits were high in the "Joy Of Dawn" (so named due to our propensity for early morning outings) after the training regime instigated by coach Derek Hill ("I recommend you do the training, but it's entirely up to you") drove us to success in the getting on race. Initially placed bottom of the river, we were moved up a slot after a higher crew binned out and CCAT III took our coveted last place. Not being a crew to take this sort of slight lying down, we set off on day one determined to regain that position. Unfortunately we were much faster than CCAT and had to rely on a huge gust of wind blowing us practically sideways into the reeds by the motorway bridge. It quickly became apparent that we were not going to make an easy escape from our predicament and, after what seemed like an age, CCAT rowed past us cheering and clapping themselves at a job well done. A fine performance for what was (for most of us) our first taste of bumps racing. (Mike)
Starting bottom of the river, in a division so bad it no longer exists, we were out to get CCAT III. So we did. We rowed like spackers but it still didn't take very long. Much cheering was done and greenery collected. A lot of bumping virginities were lost that day [nudge nudge wink wink] (Mike)
Bumped Peterhouse III
We already knew that we were faster than CCAT III on day one, so the previous day's race had been a bit of a foregone conclusion and this was the first opportunity to really test ourselves. It took slightly longer than the previous day, but we did manage to push Peterhouse's boat into a tree at full race pace (not very high, but we were doing our best) and snap the bows off. Add in one fine for failure to easy and we were really getting our money's worth. Or not, as the case may be. (Mike)
Rowed over
Oh, the joy of pain. Darwin II, our targets for the day, were chasing First and Third VI - extra incentive to get the early bump if ever any were needed. Unfortunately, they bumped out pretty early on, leaving us a long, miserable, lonely row to the finish. Or it would have done, had Derek not decided to tell us we were going for the overbump on Fitz III. Our (non-)training plan kicked in, the spacking increased at a speed matched only by the fall in rating, and we ploughed down the reach in pursuit of the elusive overbump (and a respectable up 4 for the week). Shouts from the bank told us we were only half a length off as we crossed the finish line. I'm pretty sure now that this was bollocks and we never got close. Still, it was (apart from the horrible, searing pain) a great fun set of bumps, especially for those experiencing it for the first time. (Mike)

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