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Lent Term 1997

1st men's VIII

Lent Bumps

Bumped Christ's
On the 1st, blades became possible for us unexpectedly

We'd expected Christs to hit Caius before Hall hit them, but Christ's Strokeman had collapsed and the'd got hit by hall.

For this race he was replaced by Bruce Perry, the CULRC pres. that year. & They made us work hard for it, but we ground them down in the headwind and got them at the railway bridge. (Matt)
Bumped Trinity Hall
This one was good as they'd panned us by a good 20 seconds at Peterborough earlier on in the term, and had been up 2 already.

Dan Tweedie was seriously unimpressed by being bumped by a bunch of nobodys (Matt)
Who the f*** are this lot?
...Was what you'd have said at the start of term.

Only Kevin, Clive & Alex had ever raced bumps for the 2nd or 1st boat.
Kev & Justin were binned at Christmas from CULRC [in the days when there was no Granta]
Alex was ill most of the term and singing in the Choir most of the rest.
Dewire was a 13st ex-novice with a 6:47 erg. Marnold was little better.

Only Francis & Justin had decent ergs, though both were more interested in beach-weights...

The fact that this crew went quickly surprised everyone, especially the opposition, but was a testament to the fact that "we just got our heads down and did the training plan as Dan wrote it." [by the webmaster]
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