First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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The Bumps

BumpIT! - Julia Frieberger, All predictions

  The thicker grey underlay lines show the actual racing results so far.

Women's Divisions

Overall Result

Position: 46 of 51
Score: -7.01
Error area: 174.875
Headships bonus: 0
Rank before bonus 44


Overall Result

Position: 18 of 21
Score: 19.84
Error area: 14.875
Headships bonus: 9
Rank before bonus 20


Overall Result

Position: 16 of 19
Score: 51.54
Error area: 9.375
Headships bonus: 9
Rank before bonus 16


Overall Result

Position: 17 of 19
Score: 0.00
Error area: 18.5
Headships bonus: 3
Rank before bonus 17

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