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The Bumps

BumpIT! - Men

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All divisionsM1M2M3 M4M5
Competition entries35
AstridJesus4020Clare II
Axel BoerrigterKing's7010Clare II
B-housePeterhouse6016Clare II
Bow Seat Wow Seat1st and 3rd1835St. Catharine's
Callum CaldwellDowning20119Magdalene II
Ciara1st and 3rd152134St. Catharine's III
DomBridgeSelwyn5127Clare II
DowningM?CoxDowning12013Clare II II
EasyMediumAnglia Ruskin24031Queens' II
Forbes1st and 3rd23326Clare II
GlandjBoyLMBC1804Clare II
John HarberKing's2005Darwin
Julia Frieberger1st and 3rd18021Magdalene II
LM*CCaius15015Queens' II
Louis BurrowsSt. Catharine's9233Caius
M2?LMBC5025Clare II
Marian QuednauFitzwilliam16061st and 3rd II
MattyABQueens'11029Clare II
PeteGVets School13011Robinson II
PhousePeterhouse1408Clare II
RamRanch&RadoxLMBC2607Queens' II
theboiLMBC1803Clare II
ThirdLegMagdalene2502St. Catharine's II
Thomas Frith1st and 3rd19122Darwin
threetardQueens'16117Magdalene II
Tim RobsonQueens'20014St. Catharine's II
TobiasKing's18011st and 3rd II
Tom UptonChurchill24023Darwin
WFluSidney Sussex15012Magdalene II
YeahkingsKing's22028Magdalene II

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