First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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The Club's Crews

How to Enter Crew Lists

There are two different types of crew lists:

1. Official crews
Committee members and site administrators can publish official crew lists by choosing Enter crews from the menu. If you wish to ammend an official crew list please send an email to with the details.

2. Race crew lists
Any club member can update the website with crew lists for individual events. These are attached to individual race results so is done in the Results section - choose Results -> Enter results from the menu and follow the links.

For individual races, the default crew list is that term's official crew. It is only necessary to enter crew list information when the race crew contains subs or otherwise differs from the official crew. If the crew contained a sub for only, for example, a single day of the bumps, then this can be recorded too - proceed to the Results -> Enter results page.

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