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2010-2011 Manifestos

Aaron Outhwaite - Kit and Social Secretary

Specialist Subject: Inside leg measurements

I'm a third year Engineer, I've been rowing for First and Third since week three of my first term when I realised I was getting fat and needed to do more sport (so I got FaT). Since then I've clawed my way up through nearly every level of boat the Men's side offers; I have an excellent knowledge of what its like being part of this club whether you're rowing once a week for fun or you're a masochist training every hour your degree lets you (or doesn't).


I own a vast array of Lycra from the traditional blue and gold to day-glo and the infamous Cambridge blue leopard print leggings. I will ensure that every member of the club is outfitted with appropriate, tasteful, race kit and as much hideous, retina scaring training kit as their dignity can take. I will also be offering a range of stylish casual wear in club colours at reasonable prices, do you want an awesome blue and gold hoody for 25 quid? Yes, yes you do. Not only will I do all this but I will put out a kit order at least once a term and make sure it gets here well within time for races, not even a volcano will stop me. I have also recently been in charge of organising upper boats kit for the men's side, dealing with a hitherto untried supplier “Stitch Clothing Company”, they offer some great products which I hope to offer more of next year, we just have to wait and see if they deliver on time.


Good social cohesion is essential to the club; I intend to organise a variety of events to promote this such as whole club formals, film nights, laser quest (anyone on the Chester training camp will tell you its still just as fun as when you were 12) and barbecues. Annual events such as the fireworks & garden parties will continue as will the post dinner bops: now that the WPR is back in service I'll be pumping out a classic selection of tunes (not just Drum and Bass!) and offering some properly good drinks.

Proposed by: Pedro Cunha
Seconded by: Julia Atwood

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