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2004 Women's Captain Byelection

Jenny Lee

I am a third year maths student who noviced at 1st and 3rd as a rower in 2002 and as a cox in 2003. I have rowed in the 1st Fairbairn IV, 2nd Lent and May boats and have coxed the men.s 2nd May eight.

Why am I standing?

I am standing again for women.s captain because I still have strong reasons for wanting to do the job:

Why do I think I will be suitable?


The main focus for the year will be bumps, both Lents and Mays, with the aim to put together strong boats to continue the rise in bumps over past years.

The training plan will consist of both water and land training (ergs /weights). I will develop these plans in consultation with senior rowers and coaches who have more experience of such programmes than myself.

In Michaelmas term, emphasis will be put on quality rather than quantity, to develop a basis of sound and consistent technique from which to build on. I will endeavour to accommodate all levels of commitment within the squad and enable everyone to benefit from each outing. This means there will be no fixed crews for a lot of term, allowing greater flexibility and inclusion.

I will follow on the tradition of a pre-Lents training camp, in conjunction with the LBCs and with as many seniors as possible, to allow integration of novices into the squad. Initial crews chosen within the first few weeks of term will be flexible to maintain development throughout the club.

The selection process for top boats will be based upon a range of criteria; advice from coaches, performance in erg tests, commitment and attitude to rowing.


It seems that recruiting and retaining coxes is an annual problem for the club. I would like to work with the coxing captain and LBCs to integrate promising novice coxes into senior boats during Michaelmas term. I believe that coxes can learn more quickly if they are in a boat with senior rowers. Combining this with a coxing mentor/coach will hopefully encourage more coxes to continue.


As women.s captain, I will:

Proposed by: Sarah Taylor
Seconded by: Catherine Aiken

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