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2nd Oct '06Website downtime againby bjg
Sorry for yet another interruption - this will have been no surprise to people within Trinity, but for those outside, they have a system of quarantine that briefly locks us down at the start of each term. I seem to have been able to get us a special exemption so that this won't happen again, at least for this year, but we'll have to wait and see.


The network is going down again between 7pm and 9pm tomorrow evening, so unfortunately we will have yet more downtime. I'm fed up with it too!
by Bryn - Tue 3rd Oct 2006, 11:30pm
Rather than starting a new thread each time... For people outside the Cambridge bubble (and for those within it for that matter), the network will be down on Sunday between 8am and 3pm. Sorry guys.
by Bryn - Tue 17th Oct 2006, 3:47pm
Nevile's Court is to be PATted (Portable Appliance Tested) tomorrow, so the server will have to be unplugged in the morning. Assuming it passes, it should be up and running again by the early afternoon.

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