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Optimal Easter vac training?
What mix of the following will give you the edge for May Term crew selection?
Lots of sculling (added benefit of tanning)  38%
Lots of pairs rowing (also tanning)  56%
Numb bum ergo sessions  53%
Beach weights  31%
Maxim  9%
Swimming  22%
Rowing diet (it's all about food - sod the exercise)  47%
Steroids  19%
Tubbing  9%
Running  50%
Lunges  22%
Analysis of 2005 Boat Race technique  28%
Shiny new lycra  34%
Cox press-ups (2004 2nd May VIII special)  16%
Holiday job as a labourer  6%
Holiday job in the sporting arena  9%
Plenty of fluids...  50%
Total: 32 members' votes
by but I CAN explain why exchange ragtes overshoot! - Mon 28th Mar 2005, 9:48am
skiing in slush... revising for 'Pia only' exams...

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