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Whither FaTTFC vs BPFC?
This year's 1st & 3rd vs Black Prince football match was less competitive than in previous years. This may be a consequence of BPBC having gained more recent graduates, leaving 1st & 3rd somewhat disadvantaged. How should the fixture be run in future years to keep it competitive?
No change  41%
Pick teams on the day, each being mixed FaT/BPBC  0%
Play (e.g.) strokeside vs bowside, again with mixed FaT/BPBC teams  6%
Organise a composite FaT/BPBC team to play, say, the College 2nd XI or another boat club's old boys  12%
Only run the fixture in years when there is particularly strong interest from FaT  0%
Have a 5-a-side tournament instead  0%
Play the game in Michaelmas term when more 1st years are likely to be involved  41%
Abandon the fixture  0%
Other (please suggest below)  0%
Total: 17 members' votes
by Neil T - Sun 14th Mar 2010, 9:34pm
This poll took me by surprise (I wrote it a week ago and had forgotten about it). Reading it again, it sounds more negative than I'd intended - I should have stressed that we all still thoroughly enjoyed the match!

Also, 'Allow FaT to borrow a couple of ringers from the college 2nd XI' should have been another option.
by Keen - Mon 15th Mar 2010, 8:49pm
Looks like the votes are leading to a two-legged fixture - one in Mich term and one in Lent term.
by Julia - Fri 19th Mar 2010, 6:52pm
I enjoyed the spectacle of the game deteriorating into rugby...Maybe it should be a game of touch rugby instead of soccer. Then you can explain the rules to us North Americans at the same time.

Can't throw the ball forward. Ridiculous!

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