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It is rumoured that most rowers are scientists. Are you?
You need not base this entirely on your degree although I think it will be clear for most
Scientist  65%
Artist  18%
Both  12%
Neither  6%
Total: 34 members' votes   (13 comments...)
How should the novices be taught to row?
From backstops  23%
From frontstops  42%
Slowly  35%
Total: 26 members' votes   (25 comments...)
Who should the club back as Sports Personality of the Year?
Ben Ainslie  7%
Freddie Flintoff  11%
Kelly Holmes  50%
Amir Khan  4%
Colin Montgomerie  7%
Matthew Pinsent  14%
RTT  7%
Total: 28 members' votes   (8 comments...)
Bowside  45%
Strokeside  45%
Darkside  10%
Total: 29 members' votes   (5 comments...)
Favourite Film Trilogy
Godfather  12%
Lord of the Rings  42%
Back to the Future  15%
Matrix  0%
American Pie  8%
Star Wars (original)  12%
Indiana Jones  8%
Kill Bill  4%
Total: 26 members' votes   (44 comments...)
Vote for the Champagne Moment in the BPBCCC FaTBCCC match
(if you can remember!)
Crawford surviving his first ball  38%
Garrod hitting the game's only six  0%
the only Aussie on show (Nigel Kaye) getting the only duck  5%
Lea-Cox winning it for FaT off the last ball of the match  10%
Ingram's sense of humour failure after a dubious lbw decision  38%
Other (state below)  10%
Total: 21 members' votes   (9 comments...)
Which Olympic sport would you like to see in 2008?
Clearly there is a lack of erg games in the current Olympic timetable. Which one would you most like to see there?
10m erg test  35%
One arm lowest split  0%
Feet out highest rating  18%
Arms only 2k  18%
Underwater erging  6%
Armchair erging  6%
Beach erging  12%
Synchronised erging  6%
Total: 17 members' votes   (1 comment...)
London hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 is...
a good idea  81%
a bad idea  14%
something I'm not sure about  5%
Total: 21 members' votes   (10 comments...)
What are the most annoying things about using non boat club gyms?
Anyone who's ever used a gym - even a posh one - in the holidays will have come across some of these...
People who can't row to the extent that it's painful rather than funny  41%
Fat smelly people wearing inappropriate kit to erg in thus showing the room their ugly butt cracks when they erg  18%
The fact that there are 100s of running machines but only 3 ergs stuck in the corner  35%
The fact that you can't see the tv's from the ergs  41%
People who look at you like you're mad when you spend more than 3 minutes on the erg  24%
No bench pull  53%
The ranks of sad looking people on the running machines - why don't they go for a proper run  24%
Lack of natural light as the gym is always in the basement  12%
People who sit on weights machines in between their reps and just stare into space - don't they know some of us are in a hurry!!!  18%
People who don't have the faintest clue about rowing telling you that you've got useless technique  18%
Something else - see below  29%
Total: 17 members' votes   (5 comments...)
Daddy or Chips?
Daddy  43%
Chips  57%
Total: 21 members' votes   (2 comments...)

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