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Rich and Dan
Now they're off, you can be honest. They're:
Barking  77%
Brave  74%
Brilliant  74%
Total: 31 members' votes   (5 comments...)
After how much rowing would you have classified yourself a boatie rather than just a rower?
Are you in a boatie relationship? Do you spend more than two hours a day at the boathouse? Have you ever worn lycra for anything except rowing? Are more than fifty percent of your friends rowers? Do you arrive (late) at lectures in your splashtop? Come to think of it, do you miss most of your lectures/supervisions because you're still at the boathouse? If the answer to more than two of these questions is yes, you are a boatie. But how long did it take for this addiction to creep up on you?
I was a boatie before I arrived at Trinity  6%
They got me at the Chaplains Squash and it's been downhill ever since  26%
As soon as I'd been tubbing  2%
By midway through my novice term  30%
After I'd done Clare Novices  0%
After novice Fairbairns  2%
Once I'd experienced my first Bumps  21%
Once I'd experienced Bumps, in the warm sunshine, with Pimms afterwards  4%
Me, a boatie?! I don't think so!  9%
Total: 47 members' votes   (8 comments...)
Do different pasta shapes taste different?
Macaroni goes with a cheesy sauce. Fusilli goes with a tomatoey sauce. Spaghetti was invented to go with bolognese, and you can't have cannelloni without spinach and ricotta. All of these shapes have their merits, but do they actually taste different from one another?
Yes  57%
No  43%
Total: 42 members' votes   (19 comments...)
Which club will do best in the Clare Novice Regatta?
Based on
Rounds Won divided by Crews Entered
First and Third Trinity BC  51%
Caius BC  0%
Christ's College BC  3%
Churchill College BC  0%
Clare BC  0%
Clare Hall BC  0%
Corpus Christi College BC  0%
Darwin College BC  0%
Downing College BC  0%
Emmanuel College BC  0%
Fitzwilliam College BC  3%
Girton College BC  0%
Homerton College BC  0%
Hughes Hall BC  3%
Jesus College BC  3%
King's College BC  0%
LMBC  15%
Lucy Cavendish BC  0%
Magdalene BC  0%
New Hall BC  3%
Newnham College BC  0%
Pembroke College BC  0%
Peterhouse BC  3%
Queens' College BC  0%
Robinson College BC  0%
St Catharine's College BC  0%
St Edmund's College BC  0%
Selwyn College BC  0%
Sidney Sussex College BC  0%
Trinity Hall BC  0%
Wolfson College BC  0%
CULRC  18%
Total: 39 members' votes   (19 comments...)
Which is sweeter?
Winning men's and women's fours in the space of 30 minutes  71%
Beating LMBC four times in a week  26%
Chocolate  3%
Total: 31 members' votes
Who is the most comedy selfish bastard?
Edmund Blackadder  63%
Basil Fawlty  0%
Homer Simpson  7%
Alan Partridge  23%
Steve Stiffler  0%
Withnail  3%
Oscar Schindler  3%
Total: 30 members' votes   (1 comment...)
What's the best exercise for when you're stuck in a queue?
Bear in mind ability to get moving quickly if needed, and effects of stream and wind and constrained spaces.
Roll ups  12%
Frontstops tapping  8%
Backstops tapping  4%
Standing up in the boat (i.e. by taking a stroke)  4%
Cutting the cake  0%
Swapping blades between sides  4%
Pausing on the recovery  8%
Everyone swap seats  62%
Total: 26 members' votes   (14 comments...)
What is/was your favourite VIII
Everyone has a favourite boat, past or present.
BP1  26%
Denys Lawrence  12%
BP2  21%
Margot  3%
BP3 [Karlische]  18%
BP4 [Aylings]  0%
BP5 [the wooden thing]  6%
Peter Brandt  9%
Titan  0%
Conqueror  3%
Fair Maid of Kent  0%
Henry  3%
Total: 34 members' votes   (23 comments...)
I remember when...
you could walk past Sainsbury's without noticing it was there  33%
everything in the Bridge Street accommodation was wonky, leaking, or live  45%
Burrell's Field only had the big houses  3%
half the computers in the computer room would have blue screens which you couldn't unlock  35%
the first model C ergs arrived at the boathouse  13%
the rising bollards in Trinity Street were put in  18%
the bar was in the corner of Great Court  25%
the dining hall went through the phase of putting banana on everything (e.g. Salmon Caprice)  48%
the bop involved a live DJ, not a computer  33%
all the furniture in College rooms was like the stuff in the boathouse now  35%
no one had swipe cards  10%
Cindy's was Cindy's  8%
Cindy's was 5th Avenue  58%
Eden Lily was more than a photography shop  33%
The Baron of Beef and the Mitre were dingy pubs  58%
The maths department was in town  38%
BP2 (Janousek) was BP1  20%
BP4 (Aylings) was BP1  0%
BP3 was BP1  3%
the river flooded  55%
the river froze  13%
the river was covered with green scum (and I mean the whole river, not just the odd patch)  18%
there was a NatWest at Great Gate  45%
Formal Hall cost three pounds or less  38%
you paid for meals with little tickets with the number of courses written on them  53%
there was a Z Blue Boar  40%
novices rowed 15 minutes after the seniors  35%
none of the above  30%
Total: 40 members' votes   (18 comments...)
How often do you check the website?
Every minute  3%
Every hour  10%
Three or four times a day  50%
Daily  23%
Weekly  10%
Monthly  0%
Annually  0%
I have never checked the website  3%
Total: 30 members' votes   (7 comments...)

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