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2nd Mar '23Lent Bumps 2023by CE
Welcome to First and Third and our coverage of the 2023 Lent Bumps, which will take place from 7-11 March.

Note that this year each women's division (for W3 and higher) will be racing after the men's division of the same rank, rather than before as in previous years, so if you are racing then be sure to check your division times.

Messages from the towpath will appear below, and you can find the latest Bumps charts on our results page.

Up to six First and Third crews will be racing, depending on results in the Getting-On Race.

Division times (these are race start times - marshalling times are earlier):

      Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat
W4/M4 1400 1400 1400 - 1240
M3 1440 1440 - 1320 1320
W3 1520 1520 - 1400 1400
M2 1600 - 1440 1440 1440
W2 1640 - 1520 1520 1520
M1 - 1600 1600 1600 1600
W1 - 1640 1640 1640 1640
by Rosie - Tue 7th Mar 2023, 5:06pm
First and Third open their Lent Bumps campaign with a rapid bump from W2, who catch Clare Hall W1 before reaching the A14 bridge
by Rosie - Fri 10th Mar 2023, 4:28pm
Technical Row Overs for all crews today. All racing was Red Flagged due to the river bursting it's banks.
by Rosie - Sat 11th Mar 2023, 1:05pm
The river has still burst its banks today, and CUCBC have hoisted = a yellow flags. M4, W4, M3 and W3 divisions cancelled. 1st and 2nd divs going ahead at the = time of writing.

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