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6th Jun '24May Bumps 2024by CE
Welcome to First and Third and our coverage of the 2024 May Bumps, which will take place from 12-15 June.

Messages from the towpath will appear below, and you can find the latest Bumps charts on our results page.

Up to six First and Third crews will be racing, depending on results in the Getting-On Race.

Division times (these are race start times - marshalling times are earlier):

      Wed-Fri Sat
W5/M5 1345 1145
M4 1430 1230
W4 1515 1315
M3 1600 1400
W3 1645 1445
M2 1730 1530
W2 1815 1615
M1 1900 1700
W1 1945 1745
by Richard - Wed 12th Jun, 6:18pm
Change of Men's Headship - LMBC catch Caius on the Reach
by Richard - Thu 13th Jun, 3:10pm
Men's division 3: Entire division bumped out pairwise
by Richard - Thu 13th Jun, 3:31pm
Men's division 3: Selwyn bump disallowed
by Richard - Thu 13th Jun, 6:11pm
1st men will start tomorrow from foot of the 1st division, chased by the sandwich boat. Fingers crossed...
by Richard - Thu 13th Jun, 6:47pm
Women's division 1: >
by Richard - Fri 14th Jun, 6:10pm
Men's division 1: 1st men bumped by Fitzwilliam
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 1:14pm
Blades for 2nd women!
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 2:55pm
Women's division 3: correction to results after penalty bump
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 4:13pm
Men's division 1: >
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 4:52pm
Blades for 1st women as they bump Downing out of Ditton corner
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 4:59pm
Women's division 1: Caius take the headship from Jesus on the final day
by Richard - Sat 15th Jun, 5:00pm
Well done to LMBC men and Caius women on their respective headships. See you in 2025!

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