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Summary Information

The race will take the form of a regatta, from the upstream spinning post on the Long Reach to Morley's Holt. The event will take place on Tuesday 10th March 2015.

The allowed boat classes are 8s only, with divisions for M3, M4, W2 and W3 boats respectively. We are expecting to have 8 crews for the M3, W2 and M4 divisions, and 4 crews for the W3 division.


Competitors will marshal as per marshalling document.

The races will be started by a marshal from a standing start with two 8s side by side. After the race, the winner will re-marshal, and the loser will row straight back to the boathouses.

Bank parties will be limited to 3 people per boat. Excessive bank parties will be stopped by marshals. The use of loudhailers by bank parties will not be permitted during racing.


There will be one start marshal and two finish marshals. Each race will also have a moving marshal to ensure that boats stay in their lanes. There will also be a marshal on Stourbridge Common to supervise crews waiting for races to finish.

The start marshal will be responsible for starting the races with the boats lined up properly. One finish marshal will call the end of the race; the other will note the distance between the two crews. This will be the chief umpire. There will be a loudhailer at the start and at the finish.

The moving marshals will be responsible for the safe running of each race. They will use whistles to give warnings to crews taking aggressive lines. One whistle will indicate that the bank side crew is at fault; two whistles will indicate that the meadowside crew is at fault.

The greatest risk area will be between the Railway Bridge and Morley's Holt (there will be crews on the bank here) so there will be an additional static marshal here with a loudhailer to warn crews if necessary.

The Plough Reach marshals will check that boats have well-attached bowballs, sufficiently short heel restraints and closed hatch covers. They will also ensure that all coxes are wearing life jackets. The finish marshal will ensure that boats clear the course after racing, and will stop the race should another boat enter the course and compromise safety.

There will be two barge marshals: one on first post corner and one on Chesterton footbridge, whose sole responsibility will be to prevent other boats from entering the course during racing. These will both have loudhailers.

All marshals will have throw lines and mobile phones.

All marshals will attend a briefing meeting before the race at which their duties will be explained.


If the race needs to be stopped for any reason, this will be indicated by continuous blast of a whistle by a marshal should they feel that competitor safety has been, or is likely to be, compromised. Competitors will be informed that this is the emergency stop signal by the start marshal. There will be First Aid provision at the finish if required.

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