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How long have you got? ccsi, Wed 9th Jan, 2:05pm
Find out when you'll fall off your perch.

I will apparently kick the bucket on May 17 2058, aged 81. Most likely of cancer or heart disease. (although a 5% homicide chance!)
by Kernigit - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 2:18pm
I will live to be 81 too - but I will die by alien abduction or alcoholism. Sounds like a nice way to die!
by mjb - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 4:41pm
I'll apparently die on October 30, 2064 at the age of 83, probably from cancer
by Simon - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 6:16pm
With a 41% chance of cancer, and a 24% chance of a heart attack, I only make it through to April 7th 2056 when I'll still be a sprightly 77.
by Dubya - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 8:36pm
I have a 35% chance of dying of a heart attack, 30% chance of cancer. I'll die May 17, 2063 at age 83.
by fat sad ex-rower - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 10:30pm
Hmm. Maybe I should take up rowing again. I'm only going to last until September 10th, 2048 and die of a heart attack (38%) aged a paltry 69.
Also, somewhat worryingly, I have a 5% chance of dying of loneliness <sob>
by Anna - Wed 9th Jan 2002, 11:45pm
Apparently I'll reach the ripe old age of 85 before dying (sob) on January 21st 2067. Most likely cause of this truly tragic event is cancer (32%) with alcoholism coming in, unsuprisingly I feel, at 2 (11%). Interestingly there's an 8% chance I'll die of abduction by aliens. Don't think I could cope with that kind of excitement at 85.

by jpd - Thu 10th Jan 2002, 6:55am
Awesome! I will die on 1st March, 2073, and will be an ancient 90 years old (cancer 32%, heart attack 18%). Which hopefully means that I won't die of alcoholism at any 1+3 bops...
by ccsi - Thu 10th Jan 2002, 1:56pm
jpd said: will be an ancient 90 years old
You clearly lead far too dull a life. No self-respecting student/recently-ex-student should not have alcoholism as at least one of the top 3 causes of death! [Think mine was 12%]
I wonder which box I ticked to get homicide as a significant cause! Must remember to bear that in mind next time I'm coaching.
by gf - Thu 10th Jan 2002, 2:16pm
I wonder which box I ticked to get homicide as a significant cause! Must remember to bear that in mind next time I'm coaching.
I too had homicide in my top 3 (third, with 7%). At least I'm scheduled to make the ripe old age of 88, though.
by Over a quarter gone... - Thu 10th Jan 2002, 3:14pm
Apparently I'll be pushing off on November 29, 2066 at the age of 89 years old.
Glad to know you've all got to put up with me a while longer yet!
by In my single scull - Thu 17th Jan 2002, 9:11pm
92 - you're never going to get rid of me!
Hopefully I won't still be at Trinity by then....

P.S. in case you were wondering 33% Cancer, 10% Homicide, 10% Alien Abduction

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