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Cantab is investment science in action. We apply our scientific backgrounds to developing statistical strategies and fully-automated execution systems, as well as optimising our friday lunch order.

The Challenge

Cantab is a quantitative investment manager based in Cambridge, where computer models, rather than human traders, make the trading decisions. Developing strategies that aim to forecast some aspects of market behaviour is a highly intellectual exercise and requires fairly radical assumptions. Much of our work involves taking ideas and results from academia and applying them to financial data. It's an empirical science and the world's financial markets are in some sense our laboratory.

Big & Small

Cantab is a small company in terms of people, but we have an impressive and highly sophisticated infrastructure behind us, which really is the best of both worlds. Everyone is accessible and there is lots of communication and collaboration. We have the data and tools to prototype and test ideas in a matter of minutes, and then - after rigorous discussions and reviews - to go live with new strategies.

The Success

Our technology and team have earned us a fantastic reputation, which means that we have been growing steadily since our launch in 2007 and are now a multibillion dollar investment manager with some of the most sophisticated and prestigious investors as clients.

Getting Involved

We have a very flat hierarchy, and have a weekly research meeting where we discuss ideas and hear what everyone has been working on. Our collegial structure means that you can be involved across the board, if you want to.

Your Future

Our approach, and the way we think about things, means that we need people with strong statistical and programming skills. We hire people from a range of scientific disciplines, and there is no need to have previous financial experience.

If you think you'd be a good fit, we want to hear from you. Please email your CV and covering letter, quoting reference 'FAT', to For more information, please go to

This is not a financial promotion for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, or intended to be a communication or invitation to engage in investment activity.

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