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May Bumps 2017

2nd women's VIII

Crew list for 3 races:

Coxed by: Kristina Bifani

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Kristina Bifani

Rowed over
After a term of enthusiastic, committed training we went into what was for many of us our first May Bumps. Encouraged by our row up which was one of the best we've ever done, we were pushed off determined to get as close as we could to St Edmund's W1, and leave Jesus W3 well behind. Our efforts were not vain: although we didn't managed to catch Eddie's before they bumped Emma ahead, we came to about a length from them. When it started to look like we were going to row over, we set our minds into a strong rhythm, and focused on pushing Jesus away. Around Ditton corner we had a bit of a scare, when Jesus came to about 3/4 lengths behind us; but Kristina's calls and our determination kicked in and we started moving. By the time we reached the finish, they were but a mere speck on the horizon (well they were 3 lengths away but that's what it felt like). And the conclusion is: thank you Preeyan for having made us do so many ergs.  (M.G. Frost)
Bumped Emmanuel III
Chasing Emmanuel women, we had a strong start.
Gained on them quickly, determined in head and heart.
Jesus, get off our bums -- we squashed you yesterday --
by the time we rowed over you were 5 lengths away!
The bank party whistling begins, but we're in a nasty sandwich!
Emma then us and Jesus, and a hungry Lucy Cavendish.
So close to bumping Emma have we got it yet?
We're a canvas away now let's bring out our jets!
Have we got it yet? Who is doing the whistling?
Our cox shouts HOLD IT UP! though only four of us listen.
Stern and bow pairs halt their rowing entirely
But the race isn't over -- shit Jesus now looks less miserly...
We reclaim our rhythm within a handful of strokes --
though Jesus has now really gotten quite close...
Back on our stride we glide through the wash up to Emma
to clinch the bump and emerge from the grisly dilemma!
We rowed home, flaunting our garlands of thistles
despite not knowing what to make of all those whistles...

(Z.K. Hitzig)
Bumped Christ's II
Another epic bump for today, which left some of Christ's blue paint on our bows! We did not struggle with being chased today, but had to really work to tire Christ's W2 out. After some patience, focus and lots of gurning we managed to gain on them as they took a terrible line round Ditton (and we obviously took a very strong one), and then it all went downhill for them. We crashed into their stern by the railings, and got to go home with more greenery in our hair.  (M.G. Frost)

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