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Lent Bumps 2016

4th men's VIII

4th men's VIII
in Richard Church
bow A. Kouyoumdjian 2 M.H. Burrell
3 Unknown 4 Unknown
5 Dan Littlewood 6 P.M.J. Borowski
7 Robert Hume str C.A. Graham

Coxed by: Juliet Armstrong

Technical row over
Due to a mistake over cannon timings we had a somewhat hasty start, being not fully pushed off before the start cannon went. Nevertheless stroke managed to wind decently and we pulled away from Maggie M4, which subsequently overhead crabbed and was bumped on First Post Reach by Sidney M2. Winding up to 37.5/38 and striding at 34, we had a good First Post Corner, but Queens' M3 had a push and made some distance on the boat ahead. Taking a push in the Gut, we made advantage of their terrible Grassy (they skirted round the outside of the corner), taking 1-1.5 lengths out within a few seconds. We took another massive push on the Plough Reach and were coming up to a length behind when we were both ordered to stop due to the pair ahead not clearing in time after bumping. A very frustrating end to the day, but hopefully the energy conserved and technical progress made on the row back will assist when the crew is similar over the next few days.
(J. Armstrong)
Bumped by Sidney Sussex II
We had a calmer start on the second day, with longer strokes and a nicer stride. Queens' had an unusual line off the start, winding up in the direction of the opposite bank, and, even though the cox rescued it, we were able to gain a lot of ground. Striding to 35 around First Post to make a move, a very speedy Sidney Sussex M2 was also moving quickly on us, and once realising that this bump was inevitable I conceded once clear of the corner into the Gut. The rowing was less frantic than yesterday after the smoother start sequence, so bodes well for the next few days.
(J. Armstrong)
Bumped by Emmanuel III
Spirits were middling after Wednesday's shellacking, but a slick practice start and an infusion of puerile humor boosted morale.  In the resonance chamber that is the motorway bridge, we had cannon to the right of us, cannon to the left of us, cannon in front of us, volleying and thundering!  Our reflex-driven draw blended into a nice wind to 37, and we leapt away apace with the field.  Nevertheless, Emma III put on a strong push around 40 strokes in, and whistles were soon blaring.  Then it collectively hit us: rowing is hard. Richard Church is heavy.  My hands are bleeding. Who wants to row-over 2.3k at race pace anyway?  We haven't gone that far all week, and we sure as hell ain't gonna start now!

Emma mercy-killed us in the Gut.  

The hot blood on my handle cries out for vengeance... and perhaps a for bit more resolve.
(C.A. Graham)
Bumped by St Catherine's M2
Had a solid practice on the paddle-up in our favourite bath tub, and were feeling reasonably good about the chances of a row-over in the race. Even though the Catz crew bumped us around First Post Corner, I think rec squad can afford to be pretty pleased with the rowing this week - more in the paddle down than in the actual races...:P How different it would have been if we'd been able to race properly on Tuesday: nevertheless, a good effort from all concerned. Here's to next term! (J. Armstrong)

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