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May Bumps 2010

2nd men's VIII

Coxed by: Emma Smith

Rowed over
Well done lads, I was listening live on the radio, top stuff! (Mark)
Boys, we may have to revise our original bumps target of 'up 12'.

But great stuff, seriously. (Leachy)
Another epic, nailbiting rowover in front of Christ's. Multiple deja vu moments from last year.

Hopefully tomorrow we can throw Churchill into the mix for some variety! (Gonzo)
I suggested before the race that the boys go for a 3 minute race plan. This tactic was based on three assumptions: 1. Emma ahead would bump Churchill within 3 minutes; 2. Kings would bump Christs behind within 3 minutes, and; 3. when crews go for a 3 minute race plan, they usually hold back sufficiently to see them through 5-6 minutes of solid racing if necessary.

The first assumption proved correct, the second incorrect and the third assumption woefully off the mark. I've never seen a crew attack the start of a race with quite the level of commitment these guys managed, and at about the 2 minute mark they were starting to blow. Christs closed in at a terrifying rate around Grassy and having been on the bank with M2 for three years now, seeing Christs close to 1/4 of a length was like deja vu all over again. However, the boys dug deep down the Reach and crossed the line with about 1/3 of a length in hand. The rowing wasn't pretty, but the result was great and set up the rest of the week.

Rows like this embody everything that a great FaT M2 should be. (Phil)
Bumped Churchill
Nice job, good to see M2 moving up the charts again! (John)
Well done, boys! (Justus)
Excellent result. (Matt)
I got a blood blister on my finger under the motorway bridge. It hurts if I press it.


As yet, I have received no sympathy whatsoever. (Leachy)
Rowed over
Nice weather today, boys, well done. (Leachy)
Bumped by King's
Fortunately, even if you define 'matter' such that rowing does (which isn't necessarily easy; cf., an M2 doesn't. Huge congrats to M1, you guys deserve every bit of that headship. I don't know what a bit of a headship is, but hopefully you get the idea. P (Leachy)

1. Practice Start
2. Bowfour Practice Start

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