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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2010

2nd women's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Richard Sworder

1st round
Beat ARU by 4 Lengths
Reasonable start, reasonable rhythm, reasonable pressure. If we actually row, and make sure we put our blades in at the catch we will go a lot faster. (Swords)
2nd round
Beat Christ's
Our best row of the day. A reasonable start saw us up, and we produced some of our more relaxed rowing, and as such moved up confidently. I don't know what the margin was, but I'm pretty sure it was clear water, and the crew can be happy with this row. Still more to be done to ensure that the blade goes in at frontstops, not half slide. (Swords)
Semi finals
Beat Emmanuel
A panicked row left us about a length down by the railway bridge. Then Emmanuel caught a boat stopping crab and we rowed through them. (Swords)
Lost to Downing
A less good row. A loss of strokeside connection on the start saw two blades pop out, and we veered massively. After we were straight and racing again we were perhaps 3/4 of a length down, and we then produced a period of really quite panicked rowing. However when we were rowing better we were gaining, but soon slipped back into short panicked stuff. A lot more calm and a few fewer pips may well have seen us win this race. (Swords)
A mixed day for W2, some of the rowing in earlier divisions showed we could produce something fairly powerful and relaxed if we were not under pressure.
However when feeling like it wasn't going well we lost a lot of technique. We lost the definite hands away and body rock that are crucial for the rhythm and balance of the crew and we stopped putting blades in the water, causing a loss of speed and further timing and balance problems.
We will learn from this and be better. (Thomas)

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