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University IVs 2009

1st women's IVa (1st division)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

1st round
Lost to Downing
We underperformed for this race, mainly through nerves I feel, losing to the defending champions that we met last year in the final.

The draw strokes were messy but the crew managed to recover from them quickly but, as we expected, Downing took at least 1 length off us from the start.

We managed to find our rhythm and hold Downing around the kink, and we may have even made up a tiny amount of ground as we hit our cruising speed but now and again the rhythm would go and Downing slowly opened the gap from between the kink and the bridge.

After the bridge we had a good period where the boat really found its rhythm again but by that stage our lack of high rate work started to show and the rowing became really scrappy towards the end, Downing continuing to open the gap, with us suffering a mini-crab in the final straight.

We have rowed together better beforehand and I think at this stage the crew has a good platform on which to build to then go out and defend the championship for the Fairbairns IVs race. (Mark)

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