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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2007

1st women's IV (Student Novice IVs)

Coxed by: Natasha Menell

2nd Women's Novice IV, 2nd College Women's IV
Time: 11:23
Despite the cold, fatigue from previous racing and a bit of marshalling drama, the girls managed a good display of contrast, togetherness, and sharp cornering. Being chased down the course by a 99's IV with serious points didn't hurt, either.

The crew is unpolished and the rowing was by no means perfect, but this race was encouraging. The only college women's IV to post a faster time was a Homerton crew in the Senior category. (Magnus)
This row felt suprisingly good! Sure it was a bit rushed at times, and at points it started to sag, but in contrast to Uni IVs we picked it up together and there was some serious power going down. I'm certain that the quick trip to Portugal Place for doughnuts and pie between divisions made all the difference... (Charley)

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