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Lent Term 2007

Single sculls

2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), graham

14th in men's single
Time: 11:37
Crashed. Rubbish!

apart from that it was ok, but one can't make up 30-35s over the rest of the course.

what a waste of an afternoon - i hate fishermen. (Graham)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), TDC in his single scull

4th in men's single
Time: 10:46
Started sculling again a week ago, after a break of about 8 months when the club didn't have a boat big enough for my immense 77 kilos. I like the new one a lot. Not really got back on it technically, so aim here was simply to finish the race (which I haven't managed before).

Was hoping to rate at least 26, and managed about 28, yay! Steering (with Dan's help, thanks muchly) was pretty good, but went wide out of grassy having gone in too tight. Got tired and spacked in the last km, in part cos I knew I'd won my personal race already, and the gearing was a bit hard for my depleted upper body strength. Anyway despite losing heavily I'm happy, no burning forearms at all!

NB started at upstream little bridge post, 7mph average headwind. 4.38 to second Plough post, about 8.30 for 2km. (Tom C)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), Sebastian Pancratz

9th in men's single
Time: 11:16
The race went alright for most of it, but I spent some extra time on the outside of First Post Corner hugging the bank and I did not deal too well with the slightly changing conditions half way down the reach. Given that, I am quite pleased with the time. (Sebastian Pancratz)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Ladies' Shell), J Summers

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