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Mich Term 2004

1st men's IV

Head of the River IVs (Senior3 IV+)

248th overall, 81st of 158 IV+, 27th of 56 in S3A, 1st of 8 college IV+
Time: 21:40.43
It looked pretty good shooting Hammersmith bridge. Fastest Cambridge college crew is a good result, although we will need to work hard through the second half of term if we are to get good results later in the year; Clare were only a second behind us in the Head, who were beaten by Downing by three seconds in Uni fours who were then beaten by Jesus by 15 seconds in the final. (JPD)

1. Looking at their bla...
2. On the Hammersmith bend
3. Bow 3

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (College IVs)

13th College IV, 18th overall
Time: 12:53
Despite having to abandon BA Christmas dinner the previous night due to some sort of food poisoning bug I decided not to waste a term's training and a few day's abstinence so I decided to row with the benefit of some extra layers. The race wasn't too bad but sitting in plough reach for an hour afterwards half killed me.

As for the race, we kept our rating where we wanted it and kept together. If only we could remember the changes we make at technical calls for more than 10 strokes. (Neil)

1. Grads row past the b...
2. At the catch, passin...

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