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Lent Term 2003

1st men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division), Men's 1st Lent VIII

1st overall
Time: 18:16
Caius, starting Head of the Lent Bumps 2 places ahead of our crew, went margingally faster on the 1st Leg, but were dispatched in the 2nd to finish 10 seconds down.

LMBC start one place ahead in the Lent Bumps, but entered matched crews so it is not easy to deduce much about their prospects. [by the webmaster]
Actually, LMBC didn't enter matched crews. They simply have a large number of reasonable rowers, but no outstanding ones. Hence their 2nd VIII knows it has every chance of beating the 1st VIII, and as is customary in these situations, often does! (Rose the Twat)
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Head of the Nene (Senior3 VIIIs), Men's 1st Lent VIII

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Robinson Head (1st division), The Lent VIII

Overall winners
Time: 8:36
The Lent VIII won by the narrowest of margins over Caius (1 s), but thereby remain unbeaten on the Cam this term. [by the webmaster]
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Lent Bumps, Men's 1st Lent VIII

Rowed over
There's a first time for everything... ;-) (Dubya)
So, a captaincy candidate getting in training? (Rose the Twat)
Don't worry, it's all part of the masterplan... (Flying)
From the 'mobile reporting' message board thread:
by Martin - Wed 26th Feb 2003, 5:01pm
1st men row over after disaster.
by dw - Wed 26th Feb 2003, 5:45pm
Any further info anyone?
by Mike - Wed 26th Feb 2003, 5:49pm
dw said: Any further info anyone?
Quarter of a length off Maggie coming into Ditton when crab at four effectively ended the race. They had a go at getting back at Maggie but the distance was too great. Emma closed to within a length but never looked like getting any closer. Roll on tomorrow. (Martin)
Bumped LMBC
Worse than yesterday before Ditton, better thereafter. We bumped just before the railings. (Flying)
A bit lacklustre. And a bit of a foregone conclusion. Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting. (Dubya)
Good work guys, good luck tomorrow, no doubt you'll be telling us the masterplan soon? [I know it's not really a report, but hey] (Matt)
Rowed over
We could tell you, but we'd have to kill you. (Flying)
Rowed over
We were pissed off with yesterday, geared up, psyched up and went for it. Didn't quite make it (1/4 length at Ditton, and it was bumpy), but had a damn good go. (Dubya)
A completely commited row demonstrating once again the Lent VIII is the fastest college boat this term. Not quite fast enough to get the bump but still the fastest. (Simon)
This is not strictly spaeaking a race report - more of a message for M1.

I know you will all be very disappointed. I know that this will be of no immediate consolation, but the whole club was very impressed by your effort today. You are indeed the fastest Lent VIII, and your performance today was worthy of the top boat of the best club on the Cam. (Andrew)

1. Getting very close
2. Going hell-for-leath...
3. The Women's Captain ...

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Head of the River Race (Senior3 VIIIs)

Time: 19:25
2nd fastest Oxbridge college (Robinson did 19:22). (Dubya)

1. Chasing the pack ...
2. FaT rowing under Ham...

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