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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2002

A side-by-side knock out regatta on the reach, over 1100m
Sat 16th February

The event was organised by Pembroke College Boat Club. At the bottom of this page there is a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st men's VIII, 1st division

1st round
Won against Magdalene (4 lengths)
Magdalene put up quite a good fight for the first half of the course, but thereafter appeared to fold spectacularly. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Lost to Gonville Boat Club (3/4 length)
"Gonville" are Caius Boat Club old boys - Caius' version of Black Prince Boat Club. They fielded a large and undeniably experienced crew. Whilst disappointing, this was a cracking race to watch. Gonville took a couple of feet over the course of the start and the wind, but some good work thereafter saw us work our way back - drawing dead level. The two crews then raced side by side, with blades virtually touching as Andrew carefully steered our crew, racing around the outside of long reach, as close as he dared to the opposition. However, with a series of powerful pushes Gonville gradually started to draw ahead and with the slack stream doing little to impede them under the railway bridge, continued to extend their lead to the finish. [by the webmaster]

1. Andrew Fisher - bigger
2. Andrew Fisher
3. Andrew Fisher

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1st women's VIII, 1st division

1st round
Won against CCAT (1 length)
Being one of the first divisions on the water, the fog hadn't yet lifted and it was virtually impossible to see the bank let alone how far along the reach you were. CCAT managed to hold us to the end of the start and for a while both boats were level. We started to extend our lead to 3/4 of a length which they were unable to regain on the inside corner under the railway bridge. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Lost to LMBC (3 lengths)
This was a strong determined row against one of this term's fastest women's crews. They took a lead from the start and so it was a case of not letting them extend it too much. A series of strong pushes prevented them from having an easy win. (Sally)
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2nd men's VIII, 2nd division

1st round
Won against Jesus II (1 length)
It came as some surprise to the see the guys moving up off the start - despite some shocking bladework!! Moreover, they quickly gained half a length's advantage, extending this to 3/4 of a length during the middle part of the race. Jesus refused to fold, however, and continued to apply the pressure - closing the gap back to 1/2 a length around their corner on the approach to the finish. However, they were denied the chance of advancing any further by their cox steering them in to our boat; heavy blade clashing saw the end of their challenge and should have been the end of their race. [by the webmaster]

1. Mr Walker
2. More rest
3. The whole crew

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2nd women's VIII, ec for kw, 2nd division

1st round
Lost to New Hall II (1 1/2 lengths)
The crew rowed well and held New Hall for a while - even winning back a little ground lost on the start, but as in the men's 1st VIII's 2nd race were unable to remain in contention for the 2nd half of the course. [by the webmaster]

1. Awaiting the start

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3rd men's VIII, 3rd division

1. Iain supporting m3

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4th men's VIII, 3rd division

2nd round
Lost to Trinity Hall III
The 4th VIII were moving smoothly and rowing extremely well approaching the railway bridge, and had established a lead of 3/4 length over Tit Hall III. Sadly, however, disaster struck in the form of a boat stopping crab, handing over the win to Tit Hall. Whilst this was most disappointing, the crew can be well pleased with their otherwise impressive performance. [by the webmaster]
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Cambridge weather: text

1. Rudely awoken
2. Iain and Richard Church
3. Guy finds it all too...

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