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2015-2016 Manifestos

Robert J Shearme

Kit and Social Secretary Manifesto

First and Third is the largest club on the Cam, and it is also the best club on the Cam. We all put a lot of hard work into rowing well and making it look good; I therefore believe you should vote for me so that I can make sure you have beautiful kit and stash to row, and party in.

Why I am qualified

  1. I have experience in ordering products for events
  2. I have learned what the job involves from current KSS
  3. I MaggieFucking love stash and kit

What I will bring to the club this coming year

  1. Maximisation of lions
  2. I shall make you all look beautiful in gold and blue
  3. I shall make you all look beautiful in blue and gold

I hope you will vote for me, and look forward to being your KS next year when you do.

Ra, Ra, First and Third.

Proposed by Rob Stroud
Seconded by Alex Strange

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