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2009-2010 Manifestos


About Me

I’m a third year philosopher (will be staying on as a graduate student next year) and noviced with First and Third in 2007. I rowed with NW1 and NW2 in 2007, the ‘up three’ 2nd Lent VIII and the Grad May VIII (‘down four’ (!)) in 2008, and this year have rowed in the 2nd VIII. I love rowing, and am keen to work hard at getting more women involved.

Before I arrived in Cambridge I hadn’t done any sport at all, and so starting rowing was quite a big change and I’ve had a fantastic time! I really want to encourage others who might initially be a bit timid about getting involved with a sport to try rowing as it is loads of fun, great for keeping fit and caters for all abilities and commitment levels.

Novice Recruitment & Training

I propose to stick to tried and tested arrangements for signing up novices (Chaplains’ Squash, Boatie cocktails, flyer-ing etc.), but perhaps would introduce another social event early(ish) in the term to try to keep novices on beyond tubbing. It would be great to field three boats for the Novice Fairbairn Cup. Coaching-wise, I would recruit senior members of the club to coach at least the upper two novice boats, providing consistent, good quality training which is crucial for the development of the women’s squad. Crew selection would be done soon after Queens’ ergs (in agreement with the other WLBCs and Women’s Captain), as this encourages team spirit and more consistent training.

As I’ll be a graduate student, my timetable will be very flexible - I only have one compulsory seminar a week - and so I will be able to spend lots of time at the boathouse coaching tubbing sessions, organising outings, finding subs/subbing in etc.

I’m very keen to make rowing in the women’s novice and lower boats a good mix of hard work and fun in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. One of the main things I would like to achieve with regard to novices is to dispel the fear of ergs early on. Fitness in the women’s side has often been a big factor letting down technically competent crews, and is especially important in Michaelmas with the lengthy Fairbairn Cup at the end of the term. I would introduce all novices to relaxed, and initially very gentle, group erg sessions, such as coached 2x20mins. I would also encourage members of NW1 to go to circuits with the senior squad, and perhaps run a novice-only introductory circuits session for those who might be put off by scary seniors! This would improve technique, and eventually get fitness up and running, but the main objective would be to get people into the routine of going to the boathouse to train and just generally used to the feel of being on an erg, so that it doesn’t become a big deal when merging with the senior squad in Lent. I feel this would really help novices to get to know each other and members of the senior squad. I also propose pub trips for after these sessions to give people an incentive!

It is really important that all the novices know the LBCs, and I would attend crew pastas, novice erg sessions and races to provide encouragement, support and doughnuts (the constant stream of which I so appreciated when I noviced).

I’d liaise with the KSS to get socials up and running to keep the novices keen - the all boat-club formal worked really well this year, but it would have been good to have seen even more novices there. I think that having the novices meet in an LBC’s room first for drinks could be a good way to ensure that more people attend, as some might be a bit apprehensive about diving straight in with the senior squad. This would also be a good way to integrate novices and seniors early on, making the transition into the squad smoother for novices in Lent. I’d also be keen to help arrange (and attend!) plenty of formal swaps!

It’s important that novices aren’t lost over the Christmas break, and organising and advertising a really fun pre-Lent training camp near the end of Michaelmas would be key to retaining them. It is crucial for the advancement of the women’s senior squad that we keep good novices. This keeps crew selection competitive and makes for a bubbly, fun atmosphere at the boat house.

Lent & May Term

I’d be keen to help the Women’s Captain organise outings, crews and the training camps, and would continue the theme of regular socials and formal swaps to keep rowing fun and friendly!

Proposed by: Kimberley Green

Seconded by: Julia Robson

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